“Bunad” is a portrait of Swedish born Artist, Elin Matilda Anderson. Elin, who grew up in Sweden and is of Swedish Norwegian background, inherited her Nordic Grandmothers traditional dress, the Bunad. In this portrait, Elin is wearing her Grandmothers bunad, which is a traditional dress or folk costume native to Norway. The design is often based on old family customs and is elaborately embellished with embroidery. It is common, in Norway, to wear the bunad at times of celebration such as weddings, religious ceremonies and birthdays, or as an alternative to formal wear.


Elin migrated to Australia, from Sweden, during her early twenties. The portrait was shot amongst the bushland of Woollongong (Australia) not far from where Elin currently lives and explores shifts in cultural identity, migration and tradition.

Carine Thévenau would like to acknowledge that this portrait was captured on the traditional lands of the Wodi Wodi people of the Illawarra Region. She pays respect to Elders past, present and emerging.