• For The Nautilus Is My Boat

    Carine's upcoming solo exhibition "For The Nautilus is My Boat" opens at the Perth Centre Of Photography Friday August 22nd. "For The Nautilus Is My Boat" is an homage to the poem and illustration of the same name by Warwick Gobles, who also famously illustrated "The Water Babies", 1863. The illustration depicts a young girl adrift, upon the high seas aboard the sea shell, Nautilus. Fossils, shells and tortoises became regular heroes on the pages of fiction around the same time as the release of Charles Darwin's "Origins Of Species", emphasising our connection to nature, our desire to understand life cycles and all of Mother Nature's glorious mysteries. Also at this time, young Victorian women were storing sea shells in their hope boxes (or trousseau) in the hope that the shells would bring them children. Shells have long been associated with fertility and as exoskeletons their functional role is to support, protect and feed the creature that lives within, as is the role of a mother. This series of images explores the human desire to better understand ourselves through the wisdom of nature, in all of her and our complexities. The exhibition will also be shown at Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne in October 2014.
  • Spaces. The Books (Plural)

    Spaces is a series of books exploring inspirational spaces published through Morrison Media. Here are some of the pictures Carine took for both books, Spaces I and Spaces II.
  • Milk and Thistle

    A collaboration with Australian fashion label Milk and Thistle for their 2014 Campaign. Milk and Thistle are known for their beautiful landscape silk textiles.
  • Carly Hunter AW14

    Carly Hunter's "Homewear" Campaign was shot somewhere within the greyscale of industrial Melbourne, Australia. In front of the lens is model Cassie Van Den Dungen from the Work Models family. This collection is Described by Oyster Magazine as hybrid luxe loungewear at its innovative finest.
  • Return To Huldra’s Wood

    Return To Huldra’s Wood is a visual exploration into Scandinavian Folklore. A Huldra is a mythical character who lives deep in the forests of Sweden and Finland. Also known as Pine tree Mary or Skogsfu (in Norway) this secret woodland dweller lures her prey into the darkness of night and underneath the heavy branches she is known to do unspeakable things. The Huldra appears in many fairy tales written by Peter Christen Asbjornsen. The Huldra represents a deep fear of the wild, of sexuality and of otherness.
  • Gala Curios

    Carine photographed the Mono No Aware and Decadence Campaign for Jasmine Noir, Creative Director of Gala Curios Jewellery.
  • Hoddle Street Dwellers

    Exploring candy coloured doorways and the tiny people who might reside within.
  • Faces

    A collection of beautiful and interesting faces photographed by Carine Thévenau.
  • Gorman

    Photographs capturing the wonderland of colour, ribbons, polka dots and head pieces from Australian fashion label Gorman, designed by Lisa Gorman.