For The Nautilus Is My Boat. Champ Magazine.

Carine Thevenau For The Nautilus Is My Boat

So pleased to have my exhibition “For The Nautilus Is My Boat” featured by Champ Magazine, one of the finest International arts and culture publications, available across ever expanding destinations including Tokyo, London, Paris, Melbourne, Sydney and Berlin. Pictured below is my print “Ermellina”, named after an aristocratic family with a known inventory containing a trousseau including beautiful sea shells. Historians believe that this was a good luck token for fertility.


Champ-Magazine.-Carine-Thevenau.-For-The-Nautilus-Is-My-Boat 2

The making of “For The Nautilus is My Boat”. Part 1.

I love to listen to beautiful music whilst I create and imagine a world that makes up a photographic series. During my time spent daydreaming and researching “For The Nautilus Is My Boat” I listened to a few specific pieces of music over and over again. The music seemed to help me create a mood that I hope spilled out into my photographs. I found the sounds I listened to were quiet, but powerful and gave me a similar feeling to that you get when looking out into the sea and you feel very small, but know you are part of something overwhelmingly grand.

Dustin O’Halloran’s “An Ending, A beginning” moved me in this way.


Kudzu Project by Helene Schmitz. The Ghilles by Polexeni Papapetrou.

I am completely entranced by Helene Schmitz photographs of Alabama trees covered in the leafy vine Kudzu. The images of these trees completely overwhelm me. They remind me of Polexeni Papaetrou’s series “The Ghilles”, which I love just as much. I have attached two pictures from Polexeni’s series (in colour below Helene’s black and white pictures of her “Kudzu Project”).

I discovered Helene’s beautiful imagery from the book published by Zio Baritaux through Zioxla, aptly named “Strange Plants”. I first saw Polexeni’s work on the pages of Photofile Magazine.


kudzo_01kudzo_04 hattah-man-and-hattah-woman Study_for_The_Ghillies_2013_Polixeni_Papapetrou