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“Return To Huldra’s Wood” is a visual exploration into Scandinavian Folklore. A Huldra is a mythical character who lives deep in the forests of Sweden and Finland. She is also known as Pine tree Mary or Skogsfu (in Norway) this secret woodland dweller lures her prey into the darkness of night and underneath the heavy branches she is known to do unspeakable things. The Huldra appears in many fairy tales written by Peter Christen Asbjornsen. The origins of the tales stem from Christianity, whereby old stories of Eve forgetting to wash her children, prior to a visit from God, forced her to hide the dirty ones. As the old tale goes, God decreed these children to be hidden and forbidden from contact with the rest of mankind. These children are said to have been named Huldrer. The Huldra represents a deep fear of the wild, of sexuality and of otherness.

'Return To Huldra's Wood' was Carine's first solo exhibition at Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne.

Flowers by Adriana Picker.

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