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In the photographic series 'Tin Can Apartment', Carine proposes an abstract, utopian world where mother nature and the industrialized world live in harmony. Carine has shot a series of miniature sculptures, using everyday mass-produced items to represent inner-city apartment blocks and leafy foliage to represent green space. She has shot the still life’s utilizing simple lighting techniques and a kitsch aesthetic reminiscent of a 1980’s Tupperware advertisement, as if her images are also selling an idea or product to improve the functionality of everyday life.


Tin Can Apartment proposes a much more simple way of living, with increased (and more creative) green space within our urban jungles. Avoiding the common theme of man versus nature, Tin Can Apartment explores a vision of man and nature living side by side, as a peaceful dichotomy. Construction of both plant life and buildings were considered with equal attention, with neither elemental decision presiding over the other.

This exploration was featured in Frankie Magazine and The Plant Hunter.

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