Carine Thévenau is a Mauritian/Australian Photographer, currently based in Sydney, Australia. Carine’s photography
 and research explores the relationship between (wo)man and nature, wilderness and built environments.  Her work is expressed through portraiture of the individual, but also broader portraits of place, space and time.

Carine is passionate about sustainable practices within the arts. She consistently experiments with ethical materials within her own arts practice and her most recent exhibitions have included the use of plant based papers such as bamboo, rice and Japanese washi paper. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Carine’s photography has been published in Wallpaper (UK), iD Magazine (UK), Metal Magazine (Barcelona), Champ Magazine (Tokyo, Japan) and Vogue Magazine (Australia). She has recently been awarded a Master of Fine Art from the University of New South Wales, Art and Design.

Publications: Wallpaper Magazine, iD Magazine, Vogue, Frankie Magazine, Moda Familia, Rolling Stone, Smith Journal, The Grace Tales,  Jetstar Inflight Magazine.

Commissioned Clients: Ikea, Arnotts, Atlassian, Bates Smart, Bonds, Cornwell Design, Cecilia Fox, Domayne, Fridcorp, Savi Communications, UBank, Arabella Ramsay, Au Revoir Les Filles, Carly Hunter, Christopher Esber, Funkis, Gala Curious, Gorman, Kate Sylvester, Milk & Thistle, Somedays Store.