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Collective 2020

Perth Centre for Photography hosted their annual Collective exhibition, this year titled Collective 2020 ~ Art Swap Edition. Carine's print Reproductions In Space 3 (pictured below) was exhibited alongside works from photographers across Australia, including Boris Milas, Zorica Purlija and more.

The print is part of an ongoing series and Carine explains the work below.

Reproductions in Space is an attempt to further understand the reproductive ability of physical form made possible by the industrial revolution and its continued use in the information age through such technology as 3d printing . The human fascination and wonderment of cloning physical matter is evident within capitalism, including within our built environments.

German Jewish Philosopher, Walter Benjamin wrote in the Arcades Project (1927-1940) that “construction plays the role of the subconscious” it seems our unconscious mind is programmed to desire repetition. Duplication of matter creates familiarity and convenience, which is innately pleasing and reassuring. This ongoing photo series seeks to find repetitions, patterns as well as mould-like formations that suggest inversion to reproduce form in the public space.


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